A Minor Adjustment

My 2019 State Fair Project

Before I go any further, I’m going to take a moment to explain why I am writing my regularly scheduled blog post on Medium.

Bluehost down

Bluehost, the company that provides web hosting service to my crochet blog, did a migration on Friday that ended up taking down my entire blog — all nine plus years — and while the support staff at Bluehost is unfailingly polite, they have done absolutely nothing to fix the catastrophe they created. It has been over 48 hours since their migration took Crochetbug off the internet, and there is still no answer as to when (or if) Bluehost will ever get my blog back up.

In the meantime, my IT team (aka husband) is working to resolve this without the help of Bluehost. But the fundamental problem is one that Bluehost created and has not/will not fix which means moving all of the data to another hosting option. Because my IT team is so good about backing up data, it can (and will) be done, but because I have been blogging for over nine years, so it isn’t a speedy process.

But I’m not going to let a little thing like a catastrophic failure of a web hosting service that won’t respond to calls for help get in the way of blogging about my 2019 New Mexico State Fair effort, so without any further ado, we resume our regularly scheduled topic.

The Flamboyant Afghan

The granny square that forms the foundation of the Flamboyant afghan was designed by a woman named Liz Dominick and first published in Women’s Day Granny Squares №1 in 1973. Clearly a crochet genius, she designed a square that has withstood the test of time and is once again in vogue.

It is a delightful motif that adds some additional design elements with wide open corners in the second, third, an fourth rounds of a six round square, and it was this design created by the open corners that forced me to rethink how I would make y 2019 state fair crochet project, and once I rethought it let me to make a small change.

A minor adjustment

The New Mexico State Fair competition guidelines have different rules than the ones that are familiar to me from my many years entering the North Carolina State Fair.

An afghan in the category I am going to enter has a minimum size of 40" x 54" and a maximum size of 60" x 72".

Following the directions exactly as written the square I had made with a 5.0 mm hook measured 6.75" which meant that I would have to make a throw that was 8 squares by 10 squares to get within the size requirements:

Two Flamboyant Afghan square in all its perfection

The problem with that, however, is that there wouldn’t be a single square that was the center square; there would be a block of four squares at the center, and as in consequential as that might seem to others, it was a problem for me.

So I frogged the square that I had previously decided was perfect and made it exactly 1/4" smaller by changing the stitch used in the last round, and then I made another just to make sure I liked it and that when joined, the squares would be within the limits set by the New Mexico State Fair:

Two Flamboyant Afghan squares with a minor adjustment

Satisfied that the minor adjustment would do the trick without spoiling the aesthetic, I worked from my many yarn scraps of assorted colors and sizes and got started on seven more future Flamboyant Afghan squares:

Seven future Flamboyant Afghan squares

My blog being brought down by a sloppy migration was not in my plan for this year’s state fair project, but I will persist, one stitch and one blog post at a time.

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