Anthonette Cayedito and an age-progressed image: photo FBI Missing Person Flyer


Anthonette Christine Cayedito

Born: 25 December 1976; Last seen: 6 April 1986

Gallup, New Mexico

Timeline of an abduction

204 Arnold Circle #9, Gallup, New Mexico

Eight, incredibly long hours

The phone call

“who said you could use the phone?”

Carson City, Nevada, 1991

“Please help me! Call the police!”

Who was Anthonette Christine Cayedito?

The story I always heard was that Anthonette was like our mommy. — Wendy Montoya

Thirty years later

Talk of the town

Busting some myths

When a child goes missing

Thirty-four years later

“Someone out there knows what happened to Anthonette, please call us.” — Frank Fisher, FBI spokesman


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