I read an article once by a woman who had lost 100+ pounds. She outlined all of the steps she took to achieve her weight loss goal as well as detailing the schedule/diet she adhered to. Every. Single. Day. to maintain her weight loss.

By the time I finished reading the article, any sense of achievement I might have had about being thin was gone.

I didn't eat as well as she did, I didn't exercie as much or as regularly as she did, I did not spend the many hours each day thinking about eating and exercising that she did. I was allowed to get on with my life, and she was not.

As hard as she worked and as single-minded and focused as she was about her weight, I wondered what she could have accomplished if she had been given the same mental freedom that I had. A rocket to Mars? A cure for cancer? I don’t know.

I do my best to not say anything that makes a person feel judged about their weight. To say that it is none of my business, doesn't really cover it.

Crocheter on a mission to make the world a better place — one stitch at a time. Twitter: @crochetbug. Crochet blog: https://www.crochetbug.com

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