"My friends who support the President...."

My friends who support Trump are all very racist, and once DJT was elected, they were no longer quiet about it.

As a white person myself, I have never felt at any kind of disadvantage because of the color of my skin, but many white men I know are horribly aggrieved. Academic opportunities have been taken from their children, workers are lazy, and some people, while not lazy, are illegal.

So the first course of business after the election was rethinking who I called a friend. There is no reason that white cisgendered men should be the only ones to have access to healthcare. These men did not birth themselves, and many children born to wealthy white parents were, and continue to be, raised by not-wealthy people of color. As for the whole "gay" sex complaints I have heard, white heterosexual men aren't the straightest arrows in the quiver.

And for all their hateful and nasty rhetoric (I am only talking about things that have been said to me by people who voted for DJT), the people I know who voted for Trump are the whiniest snowflakes one could ever meet.

I am looking forward to a new administration, but I am not looking forward to the fact that the Trumpers seem to have learned nothing from their incessant hate and nastiness, and we will have to continue to fight to overcome it, every. single. day.

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