Small Transformations

Can add up to much larger ones

Leslie Stahlhut
5 min readJun 19, 2019


I have been working on a project for almost eighteen months now.

It started off as a bit of a lark. Someone at an online crafting community I belong to saw that in the “about me” section of my community profile I had said the following:

I like to make afghans….

And I do.

I love making new designs and crocheting all of the pieces and then fitting them together.

The crochet pieces left behind

But like any creative effort, there is a lot of crochet flotsam and jetsam in the wake of all that creativity. In order to get to the things that do work, you first have to find out what doesn’t work. You revise your work based on what you have learned, and then you try again.

What that means in a practical sense is that there are a lot of crochet leftovers that don’t make the cut.

Here is one such remnant from an exploration that didn’t quite pan out:

A bright green crochet yo-yo
A crochet yo-yo

I made it in August of 2011 as I tried to decide what I would make for my annual North Carolina State Fair piece.

Before I even made the first stitch, I had my mind made up that this would be the motif that would carry me to victory and state fair fame. I love yo-yos — toy, quilted, or crochet — but as I finally worked the stitches, I found that the crochet yo-yos were time consuming, and after I had several of them, I came to the conclusion there simply wasn’t enough time for me to make them all and join them in time for the state fair deadline.

I moved on to the the next thing, but this, and several other crochet yo-yos were left behind.

Christmas 2017

Our family holiday festivities had wrapped up, as the usually do, in the early afternoon. This left me some time to myself, and I spent it looking something up at Ravelry, an online fiber community that happens to be an excellent platform for cataloging one’s projects, and I saw that I had a message.

I don’t get a lot of messages at Ravelry, so it was with some curiosity that I clicked my inbox…



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